Is Anything Safe Anymore?

In our world today, it seems like certain people are always trying to find a new way to scam people out of a verity of things. With our society so focused and dependent off of technology, criminals feed off of our weaknesses in any way possible.

Shopping online is a very easy and convenient method of shopping. As technology has boomed over the past 15 years or so, more and more people have been going to the Internet to make their lives a little bit easier. Although the Internet and online shopping does many good things for people, it can do many bad things as well. I personally have been a victim of cyber scams more than once, and it is such a pain in the butt. The most recent incident that I have run into was about a month ago. I was searching many different websites for the best possible price for a pair of shoes that I really wanted. All of the websites that I found the shoes on we’re either sold out or way out of my price range. I stumbled upon a website that had the specific shoes that I was looking for, for a reasonable price. I ordered the shoes through PayPal. After ordering the shoes, I was a bit suspicious because I never received an email confirmation for my purchase. I went back into the website to look for the company’s phone number but I could not find one. After I searched for a phone number for quite a long time I logged onto my PayPal account to see if the order went through, which it did. I was able to get the sellers name off of PayPal and type it into Google. When I typed the sellers name into Google, I was not happy with the results that I found.

Self-Storage Wayne New Jersey from StorageStations on Vimeo.

It turns out that multiple people have been scammed from this seller after purchasing shoes. As soon as I read the seller reviews, I immediately filed a claim with PayPal and called the credit card company. Unfortunately this is still an ongoing issue that is in the process of being resolved.

Another online scan that happens to hundreds of people occurs when a  spam email is opened. Spam mail is another term for junk mail. A popular method of scamming has been done over email.

A lot of time scam artists send out emails to people telling them to click on a link. It could tell you that you won a prize and to claim it click on the link or that your friend who scammers can get off or your Facebook pages sent you something. Scammers send out thousands of different scam emails. When you click on these links, the people on the other end of it can download malicious virus to your computer. These viruses’ can steal  personal information leading to identity fraud.

Another thing that can occur by clicking on the links provided by the spam email is convincing you for some reason to purchase something. When you put your credit card information into the computer, many times it is stolen resulting in you losing a large sum of money. You have to be very careful when it comes to opening up your emails.

Lastly, another huge way that people are scammed on a day to day basis is done over the phone. A lot of phone scams are done on the elderly. Thinking about someone scamming my grandparents infuriates me. The elderly don’t always know about all of the modern day scams so they are more susceptible to being scammed. A way that phone scammers are targeting their victims is by offering people tickets for a low cost. These scammers call people up offering those tickets for various events for a low cost. If you are buying something at an extremely low cost that it is almost too good to be true, it probably is. The scammers take your credit card info, and you will never receive your tickets. Scammers also call people pretending to be from the bank or the police department. People pretending to be from the bank say that your credit card has been compromised and that you have to tell them for information for a new card. You have to be careful whenever you are offered a job opportunity, a free vacation, or anything really.

Here at Storage Station located in Wayne NJ, we make strong efforts to keep your information and possesions safe. We understand that are tenants are storing  and we want to make sure that you feel as safe as possible.  Storage Station offers 24 hour access to all tenants that rent with us. You cannot drive through the gate unless you have you own unique gate code. This helps to deter those with of criminal from getting onto the property..

As well as having a controlled access gate t, you are safe when it comes to your lock.. Each tenant supplies  their own lock to put onto their storage unit. Putting your own lock on your unit gives only yourself and whoever you give your key to access to your unit. In addition to all of those other safe accommodations that we offer here, we also have security cameras located at multiple locations on the property.

In this scary world full of scams and people trying to take advantage of you, we’re happy to provide features to help protect your stored items So come down to the Storage Station where I can show you all that we have to offer.

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How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year where making it apparent that you love your loved ones is the main focus. Although you should always remind your love ones about your undying love for them, it is nice to have a holiday dedicated to it.  Valentine’s Day is very meaningful to many couples all around the world.

Valentine’s Day dates back very far in history according to They state that the holiday goes all the way back to 270 A.D. Valentine’s Day originates from a Roman and Christian tradition. This holiday that represents love, allegedly originated from a Roman festival called “Lupercalis”. Lupercalis was known as a fertility celebration that took place on January 15th.  Pope Gelasius in who was a Christian turned the holiday Lupercalis into a holiday that celebrated a Christian feast. This holiday was changed to the 14th of January. The feast was in celebration of Saint Valentine who was a Roman Martyn. Saint Valentine was a bishop who held ceremonies marrying soldiers who were legally not allowed to get married. Ruler at the time Claudius the third, prohibited marriage for young soldiers. When the soldiers decided that they wanted to get married they would contact St. Valentine and set up a secret meeting. Valentine would then hold secret marital ceremonies for the young couples. After a period of time, Claudius the third started to catch on to Valentine. Claudius the third then had Saint Valentine arrested. When Valentine was awaiting his sentencing, he was approached by his friend Asterius was believed that Saint Valentine had hidden powers that helped heal individuals. Asterius was hoping that Valentine could heal his daughter’s blindness. Valentine apparently was indeed able to help heal the man’s daughter’s blindness. Claudius eventually sentenced to have Valentine executed.  Saint Valentine and Asterius’s daughter became really good friends and fell in love. Before Valentines death, he wrote her a letter signed “from you Valentine”. That quote from Valentine is still famous to this day. Valentine was executed on February 14th.

In the United States alone, 25 percent of all cards sent within the year are Valentine’s Day cards. 50% of all Valentine’s Day cards are bought 6 days prior to Valentine’s Day. Apparently there are more procrastinators in this world that we knew of. Close to 132 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent industry- wide. Valentine’s day greeting Cards became popular in 1840 in the United States. Many people say that Valentine ’s Day is just a “Hallmark holiday”, but if you were Hallmark I bet you would seize the opportunity to make millions of dollars as well. Hallmark is a fairly smart company in my opinion. Hallmark’s total annual revenue for cards alone is around 4.1 billion dollars. Hallmark has cards printed in 30 languages, and in 100 countries so there is no limit to who can buy the cards. Specifically for Valentine’s Day, Hallmark specifically makes 1,400 different varieties of cards for this big day. Hallmark sends around 144 million cards just for Valentine’s Day which is NUTS! Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for card sending for Hallmark, right behind Christmas.  Hallmark cards come in many variations including the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection, the Hallmark Signature Collection, Love Collection, Furry Friends, Truly Thankful, For Him and Her, and the Studio Ink Collection. There is a card for every type of personality. If you don’t like any of the choices, you can personalize a card or send an e-card off of their website. If Cards are not for you, Hallmark has a wide range of merchandise. Some of the merchandise includes Hug Lovin’ Hippo and Stuck on You Porcupine. In my opinion, Hallmark is a genius.  When sending you cards out and would like a heart shaped stamp put on your envelope, send your card through Loveland, Colorado. Every year 300,000 letters are sent to Loveland.

The most important thing about Valentines’ day is to make sure you give special attention to your loved ones. Guys a little hint for you, is that you can never do wrong with getting your girlfriend flowers. The average number of roses grown for the holidays is around 196 million. There is nothing like getting a bouquet of roses, it certainly puts a smile on my face.  On average, around 73% of men buy flowers for their significant other on Valentine’s Day. Women, don’t be ashamed if you buy yourself flowers for Valentines’ day. Around 14% off all women buy themselves flowers. Every girl needs a little T.L.C. surprisingly, only 61.8% of the population actually even celebrates the holiday. In my opinion, a lot of people think that the holiday is stupid and blown out of proportion thanks to the corporate world. Guys, you better make sure that you treat your girlfriends with a nice gift, if they’re all about celebrating the holiday. 53% of women say that they would end their relationship if they did not get anything on Valentine’s Day. Talk about  “world” problems. People on average spend around $116.21 on Valentine’s Day. It is defiantly a romantic holiday. Around 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s Day.  Ironically, on Valentine’s Day in 2000,  Pfizer, the producer of Viagra started an impotence awareness day in Britain.

Valentine’s Day is a day that has been around for centuries. Whether you go to Hallmark or make your own cards, be sure to pick one up for your loved ones. Remember to spend time with the ones that mean the most too you. And don’t forget that a kiss of Valentine’s Day is considered to bring you good luck all year round. If you’re thinking about indulging in those cute heart shaped candies with the messages on them, feel free to bulk up on them because they have a shelf life up to 5 years, who knew? While we’re on the subject, how about a little “love” for your local self storage facility. Come and visit us at the Storage Station at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike located in Wayne New Jersey where we can take care off all your storage needs.

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Middletown NY Self-Storage Virutal Tour

Self-Storage Middletown NY from StorageStations on Vimeo.

Visit us at

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A New Experience

Hello, my name is Gail, and I am the new Property Manager of Storage Station.  You can find me going back in forth between the Greenwood Lake Turnpike and the White Road locations. I am a local resident.

I moved to West Milford in 1998, originally from the Caldwell area, and I love it here, it really is a beautiful place to live. The people are friendly; everyone will smile and say “Hello” to you as you walk past them.  There is a lot to do around here, besides eating and drinking.  The lakes are beautiful; you can go swimming or boating.  I recently took up hiking this year, so I’ve been seeing a lot more of West Milford that I didn’t even know existed. There are so many different trails, for all levels of expertise.  There are beautiful views from up on top of the mountains, I could just sit there all day. I always see a hawk or vulture fly by.  I also do volunteer work at the local animal shelter, and yes, I have taken home a lot of animals throughout the years I have been volunteering. Let’s just say that I’m a softie when it comes to the older animals.   And I also enjoy sitting on my deck and watching  the local wildlife walk by.  I still get a kick of seeing the bears going thru my back yard, almost daily.

I started working at the Storage Station on December 2.  I never worked at a storage facility before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  The Greenwood Lake Turnpike facility is quite large, almost 500 units, most of them have outdoor access, but we do have many units in our climate control building, in case you have valuable furniture or electronic items.  This is a busy place, and there is a lot to learn, but I think I am picking up on things quickly.  Everyone that I work with has been very nice and supportive during my training period.

My day typically starts at 9:45am (I have one of the easiest commutes, less than 2 miles), and I do a drive around the buildings, just to make sure that everyone’s unit is secure.  I then unlock the front door, turn on the computer, check for and return any messages, and emails, check our payment box for payments, and process them.  I check the items on my “To Do List” and make sure everything is complete.  At this time, I usually make some coffee for myself, and most days, I actually get to drink it!  By this time, I usually get my mail delivery, so I process whatever payments that I receive.

Within my first week here, I experienced my first auction.  Having watched many marathons of Storage Wars, I was really looking forward to it.  We had 6 units up for auction, and a group of 4 very nice men came in to bid on them.  It went very quickly, the units were sold, and everyone paid and left. It was a lot like Storage Wars, except the men that brought the units didn’t fling the “garbage” across the parking lot.  They were very respectful and picked up after themselves. It was actually a lot of fun,  however it’s unfortunate when people don’t pay their rent since in the end  their items usually get sold at public auction .  .

So far, each day has been different.  I never know what to expect.  I never know who will stop by to pay their rent, or even rent a unit or close out their unit.  The diversity is what makes this job exciting. I’ve had many jobs that were the same thing each day, each week, each month…Boring!  I use to do advertising sales for a radio station.  That was fun, but it was the same thing each day, and I had to drive around all day, about 100 miles a day.  This 2 mile commute is so much better!

We have a lot of different sized unites available to rent.  From a closet size 5×5 up to a 2 car garage sized 10 x 40.  There is easy access to each unit.  We have units that are in a fenced and gated area. Only renters with an access code are allowed thru our gate.  These units are not 24 hour access, but you can stop by your unit as late as 10pm.  If you prefer 24 hour access (if you are a night owl, or you work crazy hours) we have units for that.  They are not behind a  controlled access gate, but   have some monitoring by our security cameras.

There are also parking spaces available for your cars, trucks, boats and RVs. There are a wide range of prices that will fit most budgets.

Each person has their own reasons for renting storage units, whether you are downsizing your living space, moving and need to store your items temporally, or just items you want to keep, but just don’t want in your home anymore.  You can store just about any non-hazardous item in a self storage unit. And please, no live animals, or people, and we just ask that your store your 6 caret engagement ring in a safe deposit box at the bank. Things with that kind of value don’t belong in a self storage unit . If you are looking to rent a unit, but not sure what size you need, stop by, I can help you determine the right size you need.  I would be happy to show you around our facility, and show you all our different units.  You can stop by or call us anytime to make a payment too.

The one part of my job that I don’t like, is having to lock tenants out of their units due to failure to pay their monthly rent.  I really feel bad doing it, but it is something that I have to do, like it or not, I wish I didn’t have to do it. I know it’s hard to pay all your bills each month, but this is a business.  If you don’t make your car payment, your car gets taken away, right?

Stop by anytime, I would like to meet you.  We can chat, have a cup of coffee, and discuss your storage need.  We are located at 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike in West Milford, between Paul’s and Cooper Tires, and our other location is 11 White Road in West Milford, next to Gomm’s Tires.  I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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My Cold

I went to a holiday party this past Saturday.  It was for a charity, a toy party for children with AIDS.  It was a rainy Saturday night but the turnout was terrific.  There were so many unwrapped gifts under the brightly lit tree in the front of the church hall.  It really felt good to participate in such a worthwhile event.  I have to admit, I even bragged about going a little bit.  If someone or anyone asked, “What are you doing this weekend?”  My reply wouldn’t just be, “Oh I have plans!”  I would be sure to mention the good cause I was going to support.  I have a pretty pleasant and simple life, I want to announce to the world when something important happens during it.

I mentioned that at the party to someone I had just met and she started to laugh because she admitted to me that she did the same thing.  It’s normal, I think, to promote yourself when you do good.  Especially during the holidays.  I was told growing up that if you are truly sincere in doing good acts and being kind, you should do it and not tell anyone.  Maybe in days gone by there was enough room for that, but in this day and age of twenty four hour a day news and media,  I believe people need to hear about other people doing good deeds.

I wanted to have a blog full of positive and upbeat topics or rants this week about the upcoming holidays, the above two paragraphs I wrote yesterday.  In less than a twenty four hour period, my life has taken a drastic turn.  The worst thing imaginable.  The cold I had been keeping at bay since Monday, has taken hold in my chest and head!

You know the old saying, no good deed goes unpunished.  They’re clichés because they’re true.

So speaking of unpunished, I am fairly certain it was at the above mentioned gathering of festive folks that I picked up the bug that’s been plaguing me the past few days.  All of those people I had to hug, kiss and shake hands with.  I really should have known better.  It started as a little tickle in the back of my throat on Monday and has now become the sloppy mess that I am today.  I won’t get in to the gory details, but I can tell by the looks on my customers faces today, that I am not one to hide my ailments, or my used tissues, well.  I am going to leave a note for my coworker, who I share this keyboard I’m typing on, to spray the office heavily with Lysol, maybe two or three times.

It’s funny in a way because just the other week I was mentioning to my significant other that it’s been a while since I was sick.  I really have to learn to keep my big mouth shut.  In my mind, if that conversation never happened, I wouldn’t be sick right now.  It’s like I wished it upon myself.

I may just be suffering from a slight left over medicine buzz as well.   I was given something to help me sleep last night and I almost feel hung over.  Cough medicine is wonderful when you take it, but the aftermath is awful.  For me, it’s a drowsy feeling that nothing can help except the wonderful comfort of bed.  Which I will be heading to the moment I get home.

Until I do get home, I will pleasantly answer the telephone and help customers who come in to my office here at Storage Station Wayne.  There’s no hiding my Rudolph Red Nose or the hacking cough, even behind a pleasant smile.  It’s a topic of conversation for sure.  I mean, who can’t relate to having a cold!?  I don’t know anyone who’s never had to endure the constant nasal drip, sneezing, coughing, runny eyes and the ever so speedily emptying box of facial tissues.   Which are now over flowing from the waste basket under my work desk.

As tenants come in to my office, I am getting some wonderful advice telling me what to take to help ease my suffering.  Helpful hints from drinking plenty of juice or water to over the counter medications.  I don’t know about you, but day or night time remedies make me so drowsy.  If I’m going to take any medicine I am sure not to do it before I have to drive my car.

I am the spoiled product of my environment.  I am the youngest son in a family of seven.  My Mother did her job too well when it came time to care for her sick children.  I expect hot tea with honey and some buttered toast waiting for me when I get home.   It should be there for me to eat as I cozy up under the warm covers for some slumber.   Again, I am the cliché of a sick man who wants to be taken care of and spoiled like he was by his Mommy.  Either I am man enough to admit it or there’s still enough night time cough medicine in my system for me not to care!

My reality is, when I get home I will have to feed my little girl Molly, the English Bull Dog.  Pour her some fresh water and lovingly watch her gobble her food.  She will then walk over to the door, not just to go outside in the thirty degree weather, but to go across the street to the field where I toss the ball for her to fetch about fifty times before she even remotely gets tired.

The ball playing will be repeated even after I get in bed.

I don’t know if this blog will make any sense to anyone who isn’t sick or has been sick recently.  I do know that when I have a head and chest cold, it is the one and only thing I can think of.  There’s no ignoring it.  My sneezes seem to sneak up on me with ferocious intensity, so far only when I’ve been alone.  I haven’t sneezed on a customer yet.

And now – to the shameless self promotion 🙂

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At Storage Station of Wayne, we realize how potentially stressful moving from your home can be.  If you’re moving out of state, it can be especially mind numbing.  I won’t even get in to what a nightmare moving to a bustling city such as Manhattan can be to comprehend.

It would be less of a nightmare and headache if plans were laid out well in advance to foresee the potential pitfalls in such a move.

Hello, my name is Joel Graves and I am the manager of Storage Station of Wayne, NJ.  The facility address is 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, 07470.  Our telephone number is 862-377-6593.  You can also visit our web site

If you are moving your possessions yourself or having  movers complete that task, there will be some issues if you or the movers can’t readily access the items.  If you have a larger than usual yard, if there’s parking restrictions on the street you live on or any other kind of reason it will not be easy to access your home, you should have a plan and make necessary arrangements.  For example, make sure you have a smaller truck, get permission from neighbors to use their driveway or ask your neighbors if they can have their cars parked a little further down the street that particular day.

While putting your items in boxes, think about the weight distribution to make sure it’s a balanced box.

It’s a no brainer to pack items from a particular room and keep them in the same box.  The kitchen utensils, the bathroom items, bedroom linens, etc., should all be packed away in separate boxes.  Be sure to label each box with itemized lists of what is in each box.  It really does make the unpacking process so much easier.

If there are children or pets in the home, asking your family or trusted neighbors to watch them for you while you’re moving is one way to keep them from being under foot while you or your movers are moving boxes up and down stairways or through narrow halls.  It’s one or more less stressful things for you to worry about and safer for them in the long run.

Keep any special documentation, cash, cell phones, etc., with you at all times.  You don’t want to have any of these important things accidentally thrown in and taped up in a box and packed away.

Large and small dressers alike can be moved with clothing or bedding left in the drawers, but fragile items or very heavy items should be removed.  The drawers can be taken out to make moving easier and will require more trips to the truck.  If the drawers are left in, make sure they’re secured with an easy to remove plastic wrap or taope with a non-damaging adhesiveto ensure they do not fall out while being moved.

If your bedroom furniture is made with a lighter type of wood, plywood for example, it is safer to remove the drawers before moving the dresser so the additional pressure doesn’t break.

If there are drawers attached to your bed, either in its frame or headboard, they should be emptied before moving the bed.  The bed will most likely be stored on its side, making it a probability that any contents will fall out or possibly get damaged.

If there is a desk or a filing cabinet, be sure all pens, papers, books, etc., are removed and the drawers are also secured by plastic wrap or plenty of tape.  If your filing cabinet does not lock, it would be a good idea to remove the drawers entirely with their contents securely and neatly inside before moving the cabinet.

Any wood furniture you plan to move should also be covered with an old blanket, sheets, maybe even bubble wrap to ensure it’s not scratched and nicked during transport.

Whatever decision is made in regards to emptying your drawers or leaving them as is for a move, there are some considerations to take in to account.  One is the fact that unloading a drawer takes up valuable time that could be used elsewhere.  If you are using a moving company to do your move, they get paid by the hour.  The second is the fact that unpacking drawers will leave you with more boxes to purchase and use more valuable space on the truck.  It even just looks neater!  All in all it saves you valuable time when unpacking and you will already have enough to do.

After you’ve packed and lugged all your belongings in to a truck or two, or your movers have, it is a perfect time to reward everyone to a nice meal.  Sure, you’ve had snacks and drinks for them all day, but a good deli hero goes a long way for the trip and the impending unload.

You should expect to have to do some cleaning when you reach your new home.  No matter how little time the home has been vacant, you should wipe and dust floors and countertops.  Also, even if it looks good and clean, you still want to hit the restroom with a good scrubbing.

It’s a good idea to coordinate the changeover with the ultilities well in advance.  It should eliminate any future headaches with your  bills.  Make sure your power works, your boiler, hot water heater, etc.  If there’s any problem, you should contact  service carrier immediately.

You don’t want to have to unpack everything right away, so having a special overnight bag at hand would be convenient.  It could contain sleeping garments, a toothbrush, toiletries, a change of clothes for the next day.  Whatever you think you could use immediately without having to search through boxes.  If you’re anything like me, it’s inevitable that something you need will be in a box in the back corner of a box filled room.

If you’re moving to the New Jersey or New York area, please visit the Storage Station website or visit one of our conveniently located facilities and see for yourself why our customers love Storage Station.

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Well here it is another week is gone and another is here to start again. As I am getting ready for work I am thinking this has been a fast moving year. WOW it is October already and the fall weather is here.

Storage Station

Well as I am driving through the golden gate of the Storage Station Store in South Toms River in NJ I can see on some of the trees that the leaves are starting to turn there fall colors. Everything is looking good as I make my morning rounds of the grounds. As always all the car trailers and motor homes that are stored here are in tack and looking good. As I drive around and checking the units to make sure they all have locks on I do get a chance to talk to some of the tenants that are at there unit they rented; we all do agree on how fast the year of 2014 is going. They also are like me, we like the fall colors of the leaves but we also know what is coming after the trees drop all their leaves. Well as everything here at the Storage Station Stores here in South Toms River, NJ 08757 phone #  732-573-6353 is in fine shape, I am going to the other Storage Station Store in Toms River in NJ that is only two miles away.

Now here I am going through the golden gates of the Storage Station Store in Toms River NJ 08753 Phone # 732-573-6354. As I make my rounds here we are looking good. Everything is in tack. Here at the Storage Station Store in Toms River NJ we have a different look as compared to the storage station store in South Toms River. The one at South Toms River are all outside units. The storage station store in Toms River NJ has some outside units but mostly are inside unit of varying sizes.

Well am inside the office now and ready for a day of work. I can see that some people have called and left a message so I must listen and then call them back so I can handle what ever there needs are. I myself am excited because today I know I have three moves in to do. I am always feeling good on this because I like helping the new tenants  with picking out the size of unit that they need. I also help them so they can get the right price whether it a unit or outside parking space at either Storage Station Store at either 29 Flint Rd in South Toms River NJ 08757 phone #732-573-6353 or The Storage Station Store on 25 James Street in Toms River, NJ 08753 phone #732-573-6354 .

Well it is that time of year the we do not like to talk about but is  here and that is the fall weather. This is the time of year that we have to keep up with the falling of the leaves as they drop off the trees. WOW you do not really realize how many leaves are on a tree to you start cleaning them up after they have fallen off the trees. It is also that time of the year where we have to get everything ready for the winter months. Like making sure we have enough salt on hand for both of the Storage Station Store in South Toms River, NJ and Toms River NJ and also make sure that the snow shovels are in good shape and ready to go. Also we have to make sure the snow blower is up and running and ready to use. I do not like to talk about this but Old mother nature is going to do what she wants to do. I under stand that we are to have a colder winter this year than we had in the year of 2013. Also we are to get a lot more snow than we got last year. But I am ready for the battle. As I always say you take it one day at a time. As I say We the people of New Jersey in the year of 2012 had to deal with that perfect storm call Sandy and then the Nor’easter Storm that came in on us and we handled it one day at a time. We did get through it and so we will be able to handle this winter on a day by day basis.

Well as I am taking payments of the tenants that are renting with us we get to talk with them and find that they are bringing back their summer things they used during the summer and putting them back in the unit. At the same time they are taking out the things that they use for Halloween. Boy I think people have as many lights and so forth for Halloween as they do for Christmas. I also see that the new tenants that are renting a unit are bringing in their summer things also.

Well listen I have posted  in this blog some numbers for each of our Storage Station Stores here on 29 Flint Road in South toms River, NJ and on 25 James Street in Toms River NJ to make  it easier for you to give us a call.We can help you with all that extra stuff that you got during the spring and summer months …s ostore away. Also we have the right unit for you to store that older car instead of storing it in the drive way with a cover and taking up space. Also we have outside parking for that trailers or motor home that you used to store in your drive way and taking up valuable space. Again I or any one here are ready and willing to help you so give us a call.

Well it is that time of day where here at the Storage Station Stores that we must get ready to close. We have had a very busy day of renting to the new tenants that got a unit for their personal belonging or outside parking space for their special car that they need to store for the winter months or also to store their motor home or trailer for the winter months.

Again I like to let you know that you can see us on the internet by looking up our web site and then click on the Storage Station Store that you are interested in whether it’s to rent a unit or getting an outside parking space. Again You will find the phone number for either place and this will also give you also the direction to either Storage Station Store.

Well it is that time I must say good-by and may all of you have a safe and good fall season.

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Our New Self-Storage Employee

Our New Self-Storage Employee from StorageStations on Vimeo.

Our latest addition to our team at

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Halloween at Self-Storage

Halloween at Self-Storage from StorageStations on Vimeo.

Halloween decoration at our West Milford NJ Location –

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Self-Storage Staff

Self-Storage Office Staff from StorageStations on Vimeo.

A quick intro of our Self-Storage Associates – Check us out at

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