Any Jets ?

Now that football season  has come to a close with the  New York Giants winning the Super Bowl and the New York Jets not even making the playoffs  it proved to be another long season for me.  I guess as a Jet fan I should be used to it by now. One of my fellow employees here at Storage Station left me a cartoon showing the Giants saying don’t worry little brother the New England Patriots  won’t bother you any more. This was a knock on the fact that Rex Ryan stated in his book that the New York Jets were the top team in New York this year. The Jets were beaten twice this year by the Patriots and the Giants were able to beat the Patroits twice this year. I guess that should keep  Rex quiet for a while.  In fact the Giants have won a total of three Super Bowls and the Jets still have but one Super Bowl title and that goes back to 1969 forty some years ago.. I guess we need someone like Joe Namath to fire up the team again.

I used to be a season ticket holder for the Jets but that changed when the new stadium was built. At that time they wanted me to pay a five thousand dollar seat license for each of the four seats I currently had which meant I would have to lay out a total of twenty thousand dollars before I could buy the tickets for a game. The tickets were also raised in price about thirty percent as a result I gave up my seats rather then pay a seat license before I could buy tickets for the games. I was a season ticket holder for over twenty five years and had many enjoyable times going to the games with my family. About a third of the time the seasons were great with the Jets winning but the other two thirds were tough to watch as the team was not good.  The Brooklyn Dodgers were called the BUMS and Jet fans are known  as the Long Suffering Fans. 

I have many fond memories tailgating with my family and friends of ours who were also season ticket holders in the parking lot. Both my son and daughter were youngsters when we first started to tailgate. I remember the steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill along with various salads my wife used to get. We would often talk about how the Jets were going to do the day of the game and also throw a ball around the area.  I also remember how cold it could get in that parking lot at times and we would wind up eating in the car on occasion. I remember one game in December against the Chicago bears it was so cold and windy you got brain freeze just walking across the parking lot.  We were lucky though as our seats were on the lower level under the overhang so we never got rained or snowed on.  We still try to go to at least one game a year as getting tickets is usually no problem. The one thing I request is that the tickets we get are for a game in September or October when the weather is not as cold.  I will say this that watching the game on my big screen TV instead of sitting in the cold, rain or snow is a lot more enjoyable these days. The food and  drink are good and there are no lines for either the bathroom or food.

That’s it for now from a LONG SUFFERING JETS fan


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