Don’t make the same mistake as me

A few years ago I sold my house and downsized to an apartment.  I could not take everything with me so I needed to rent storage space.  I rented a 10×10 self storage unit at Storage Station located at 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike in West Milford. I started out with the storage of items I knew I would not need for my apartment.  I initially stored things like the pool and patio stuff, I no longer would have a pool.  I would have no use for these things but did not want to part with them because some day either my college age children may want them or I may need them again.  It was only August so I decided to store my Christmas ornaments and decorations. Well, I have been collecting Christmas decorations for the last 22 years so this unit was filled in no time.
Now I am getting closer to the moving date and I do not have the luxury of time on my hands. I rent another 10×10 unit.   Where did all this stuff come from?  Did I really need everything?  Yes, I needed to keep those 4 boxes of the kid’s school projects and reports for the last 12 years.  Someday I will break them out to show them to my grand kids, these were definitely works of art.

How could I get rid of these and their old Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Brownie and Girl Scout uniforms?  I actually still have my old Brownie and Girl Scout uniforms from oh so many years ago although I know the kids will be throwing them out when my time comes.  Maybe there is a Girl Scout museum somewhere that may want them?   Of course I fill this unit as well and now nothing is really organized

Now I realize that I have a problem on my hands because there was so much more to be stored with the limited space in my new apartment.  Here we go again; I am forced to rent another unit to accommodate my storage needs.  This time I rent a climate controlled unit  to store unneeded furniture, off season clothes in wardrobe boxes purchased from Storage Station, photographs, old record albums and many other things that might be temperature sensitive.

I must say that on the actual moving day I appreciated all my efforts.  I had the greatest moving experience ever.  The moving company came exactly on time and loaded all my possessions which were going to my apartment in the front  of the truck and things that I could not transport myself  to storage was loaded in the rear of the truck  They placed  my contents in my climate controlled unit and off we were to my new home.  The moving company was wonderful, 3 strong guys moved everything without any damage.  They placed everything exactly where it belonged, even set up the bed for me.  I was unpacked by the next day and enjoyed the ease of this move.
Now I will get back to my storage story.  I now have 3 self storage units scattered throughout the facility and realized after a few months that I needed to consolidate for financial reasons.  .

Did you know that the larger the unit the price per square foot is less?  By consolidating the two 10×10 units into a 10×20 unit I would save over $70.00 per month (based on the rate at that time).

I would have the same square footage, for less money and all contents would be in one unit.  This was where the nightmare began because it was beginning to get cold out.  I did consolidate the two units into one larger unit which saved me money but it was a lot of hard work.  If I had only realized how much I had to store I could have saved money, time and a lot of hard work…………Remember, you always have more than you think you have.  Save yourself a headache and do it properly the first time.

Local Self Storage Provider in West Milford NJ, Wayne NJ, Toms River NJ and Middletwon NY .

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