This morning as I was driving to my position at Storage Station at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne and the weather was as clear as could be. I got to thinking how mild this winter has been and the mild weather has resulted in a little less work at Storage Station.  Normally during the winter we would be either shoveling snow from the doorways so our tenants would have easy access to their units or spreading calcium chloride to melt the ice in the area making both the walkways and driveways clear. Compared to the last two winters when we had heavy snow falls Storage station has saved quite a bit which will offset the record spending for ice and snow removal of the last two years. You could always be sure access to your units at the facility here in Wayne would always be available. We pride ourselves on our customer service as Ed, Chris, and Jerry are always here to assist our tenants whatever their needs might be. Some of our duties here at storage station consist of making sure the grounds are presentable by sweeping the hallways and picking up of papers or other items from the grounds.

Being on a busy thoroughfare here at Storage Station 2354 Hamburg turnpike we find some interesting items near the road. Some of the services we provide for our tenants  our tenants is that we give them a courtesy call around the fifth or sixth of the month to inform them that we have not received this month’s rent and to try and make the payment before the tenth of the month in order to avoid a late fee. Many of our tenants with their busy schedules have informed us that they appreciate the call.  There have been a couple of tenants who  have asked us not to call them and we no longer call them. For the most part like I said 99 % of our tenants appreciate the call. This is being done at all of our facilities  Storage Station has locations in Wayne, West Milford, Hewitt Toms River and Middletown New York. We have quite a number of pharmaceutical representatives storing there samples here at Storage Station. One of the services we do for them is to accept deliveries for them from the delivery companies like Fed EX  and UPS and place the items in their respective units.  There are a couple of other tenants for which we do the same thing one of which is a cigar and tobacco distributor. Again this is a service we provide at no additional cost to the tenant.

As I was writing this blog a prospective tenant came in and rented a unit from us. I found him to be quite interesting both he and his wife were teachers and he was still teaching on a part time basis at a local college. He was downsizing from a large home to a condo here in Wayne and needed to store some items of sentimental value that his wife wanted to keep. He told me he was moving into a condo owned by his son who recently  moved to a large home in Saddle River. I was curious as to what his son but did not want to ask such a personal question.  He told me without asking that  his son worked on Wall Street  and was quite proud of the fact at how successful his son has become. So successful that he was able to keep both his condo and then purchase his new home. It was a pleasure talking to him and have him share some of his exploits. This was the opposite from this past summer when we had people coming in to store items at Storage Station because there house was flooded and they had to store items while their homes were being repaired. It really bothered me to see some people come in almost in tears explaining why they needed a unit.

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