My Morning Walk Through

I like to get to work early; it has always been that way.  A lesson taught to me by my father many years ago.  Never the less, I find it much easier to get there early and go through my morning chores.  As I put my access code into the access panel, I noticed that one of our new tenants was busy working in their unit.  He and I waved to each other as I drove by.  What I do when I drive through the facility is check to make sure that all of the units have their locks properly in place. 

From time to time a tenant may move out during the off hours, and we always ask that they make sure to take the lock off the unit once it is empty.  Everything was as it should be, and I opened the office and read the note left by my associate.  Each day before we leave, each of us leaves a note to the next person that is coming in, sharing anything that may have happened while they were here or maybe just saying that we need to follow up on something.   Then I took my broom and did a tour of the interior and walked the outside picking up anything that may have blown onto the property.  This really only took about 15 minutes, because each of us does this every day. 

Then I stopped over to say hi to the new tenant.  Actually he is a tech from a company and is on the road most of the day.  He was particularly happy to find us because he often works odd hours and needs 24 hour access to his unit.  Once we did all the paperwork when he moved in, he shared with us that we were the only Storage Facility that he found that offered 24 hour access and also had the most competitive pricing.  I remember telling him that we at Storage Station already knew that. But it was nice that he confirmed that for us.

He was putting together about 5 plastic shelving units.  We both remarked how much easier they are to erect, remembering how difficult and time consuming the old metal shelves were to put together.  He was lucky, his was the last drive up 10 x 15 storage unit we had available.  We actually have 3 options for prospective tenants.  There are our drive up units, a majority of which are 10 x 15 and 10 x 20 sized units.  Then of course we have units ranging in size from 5 x 5 all the way up to 10 x 16 inside the building, on the ground floor.  On the next floor we have all of our climate controlled units for those tenants that require the use of a climate controlled unit for their things.   Those units range in size from 5 x 5 all the way up to 10 x 20.

We have quite a few businesses that rent from us that require that convenience.  Not to mention the private citizen that loves the convenience of being able to get up and stop by before they get to work.  Of perhaps stop off to get something on their way home later in the evening.

Last year, we rented many of our units to our neighbors that suffered flood damage from the weather.  This winter was very mild, and we sure hope that it continues through the Spring Summer and Fall.

I see that as I write this 2 of our Pharmaceutical Rep tenants are here, getting supplies from their units.  Every day one or 2 of them will be in and out. 

One of our associates left a note saying that a prospective tenant stopped by looking at a 10 x 10 unit.  He is expected back next week.  This particular person wants the unit to store his motorcycle and some other things that he had in his garage.  Don’t you find it that more and more of us have garages but rarely do we have our cars in them?  I know that is the case at my house.  I think the car was only in the garage for about a year.   Never more will it see the confines of my garage.  Well, I need to do some paperwork so I will say so long for now.

Enjoy your weekend.      

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