Self Storage

The Storage Station business is a complex thing. It’s not just one person or one position. We have many positions. There’s way more than meets the eye when it comes to keeping this company running efficiently. It starts off with the boss, who over sees every employee. He does a great job making sure our company stays strong. Underneath him is our director of operations. She does all the things behind the scenes that helps keep our business efficient. But she has also worked in the offices, handling customers, so she knows what it takes to keep customers happy.  Next we have our book keeper who handles our budgets and overseas the financials of the facilities.  Then we have our office managers. The office manager’s job is to help run the office as well as to do paper work and tasks that the office staff cannot as well as check up and make sure the facility is running smoothly and there are no mistakes and works with upper management to meet all requirements that is asked from each location.

The managers are also there to answer any questions the office staff may have. Then we have our office staff. The office staff has many duties. We apply payments, answer phones, rent units, and do whatever we can to make sure every customer is satisfied. We also have a team for advertisement. They do all their research to make sure the public knows about Storage Station for each of our locations which are Middletown New York, Wayne New Jersey, West Milford New Jersey, South Toms River New Jersey and Toms River New Jersey, if they ever need to use our services.  Lastly, we have our maintenance staff. These guys are very important to our company. They clean the units, replace lights, and fix latches, cut bushes, plant flowers, and work on our curb appeal. Every person that works at Storage Station is a huge asset to this company. Without one the Storage Station Self Storage family our team wouldn’t run smoothly. And that’s what we are we work together as a family.  If anyone struggles another Storage Station Self Storage family/team member helps to keep us like one big family/ team.

Each one of our Storage Station Self Storage location works together so we can provide the best service to our Self Storage customers. Some people believe that anyone at anytime could step in and just rent units but as I have mentioned above there is so much more than just renting a self storage unit or a self storage outside parking spot for cars or boats and some fill our outside parking spots with odd pieces of equipment . I here believe here at Storage Station each job title/position is just as important as the next one cause if we did not work together here at Storage Station renting Self Storage throughout New Jersey and New York there would no longer be a Storage Station. That includes working with our maintenance staff and any contractors’ upper management may hire. I happen to work in Storage Station Self Storage West Milford and our Hewitt New Jersey locations and I find that my Storage Station family/team and also my customers make it great to come here every day I am scheduled.

Local Self Storage Provider in West Milford NJ, Wayne NJ, Toms River NJ and Middletwon NY .

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