Storage Station Self Storage Welcomes Spring

The clocks have jumped ahead and the flowers are blooming along with the leaves are growing in all of our areas that we have self storage sites, which include the following Middletown New York, Wayne New Jersey, West Milford New Jersey, Hewitt New Jersey, South Toms River New Jersey and Toms River New Jersey. As I take the time to look at our Storage Station self storage units and our self storage outside parking. I see there is a lot of work to be done. At this time of year customer’s begin to remove their boats from our self storage outside parking and also whatever customer who may use our self storage services for their cars. Other customers elect to keep their self storage space because of lessons learned in the past that we may not have anything available for them when fall begins and they are ready to store for the winter. Our self storage customers who do choose to leave us for a few months know to make sure to call well in advance to rent the self storage space they had or get a self storage space as close as they had from the spring.

Another major topic for Self Storage in the spring is our curb side appeal. I have always found it amazing after the snow melts how much trash has gathered in front of all of our self storage locations. The leaves that descended gracefully into our gutters or the harsh winds that blow to where they have gathered along the fence or into the bottom of a chain link fence that need to be removed. The many braches that have broken from heavy snow or ice that now need to be picked up and removed. No matter what season it is it always brings an endless amount of self storage maintenance projects left unattended. Here at Storage Station every part of Self Storage and our customers become a project that remains at the top of our list.

Storage Station Self Storage of Wayne, West Milford, South Toms River and Toms River of New Jersey and including Middletown New York Self Storage always make our customers feel welcomed and they know we are here because of them.

Any team/family member of Storage Station Self Storage schedule includes what or how we can make our customer happy. There is no shortage on self storage units and where you can choice to rent self storage units or if you need boat storage, car storage and file storage within the self storage industry. Sometimes the only thing the customer sees is the move in special not understanding that at some other locations within a short time of renting their self storage monthly rate may rise sharply. Here at Storage Station we are often able to notify you at the time of rental and not after you have moved in to a self storage unit or boat storage, car storage etc. about short term changes on your self storage rental fee that may take place. We like to make sure our customers are as happy as we can possibly make them with and feel as if they are part of our team/family. I believe our maintenance staff is a large part of that when spring arrives and include is every team/family member of self storage. We are here for you, our customers. 

Local Self Storage Provider in West Milford NJ, Wayne NJ, Toms River NJ and Middletwon NY .

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One comment on “Storage Station Self Storage Welcomes Spring
  1. Sean Carter says:

    I have found that my self storage in Santa Monica has proved even more useful than I thought it would! Initially I just got it for my big move to help things go along smoother. But now I continue to storage some of the larger things I don’t really use and some other nick knacks away. It really gives my new home even more space than I was expecting.

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