Spring Has Sprung Here At Storage Station in Middletown

Spring has sprung here at Storage Station in Middletown, and speaking of sprung, my computer sprung a leak…. Well computers can’t really spring a leak, but you get the idea. From the time I walked in last Monday until this Monday, a full seven days later, it has been one issue after another,  I am now up and running and back on track, thanks to our It guy that works for us, well not just my facility all the facility’s…. Tom’s River Storage, West Milford Storage Stations he covers us all, unfortunately for him it was a three hour drive here and come to find out the phone company was the culprit all along! My theory is if you do not know find out someone who does so it gets done right.  The phone company worker actually disconnected me from my network!! Yes the phone system still worked but I had no other form of communication. There is so much connected to the internet that without it an awful lot of communication was lost or not sent or received, and I was completely unable to use my email…..

My eyes were indeed popping out all week long!  I use email an awful lot myself, for various reasons, teachers at school, a quick note to my sister so I don’t have to track her down by phone. With email you have the opportunity to multi task; I can actually be on the phone with a tenant while corresponding with another, I do have a number of tenants here at the Middletown Storage Station that always ring me by phone, even though they have the option of paying by many different methods. The great thing is all that do call are an absolute pleasure to speak with on a monthly basis, we do always wind up talking about what they need storage for or what they may have in the storage unit, lately the conversation is either about downsizing or up sizing, and yes we talk about our kids and how no matter what age they may be they have the ability to drive us in many different directions at once.

Here at Middletown Storage Station being pretty out of the loop all week, this afternoon is my catch up time. It has been quiet today, which is odd for a Monday, but I am thankful for it, my desk is now looking as it should, and that in itself is a total relief!! I had more post it’s around then I ever had, more or less so I do not lose track of what was going on, which is funny, I have never been a fan of post it’s , I have always thought them to be irritating little slips of paper for no purpose at all, I have a clipboard with a run on list of what needs to get done and when it is done it gets crossed off, pretty simple, it also provides a nice follow up detail, so if someone has a question I can just flip back to the page and say , yes did that on such and such a date, with post it’s when you are done it generally winds up in the trash, no reference point , I do admit they do have their use, but minimal indeed! 

To Visit Middletown NY Self Storage Please visit Storage Station at http://www.storagestations.com/New-York/Middletown-Storage/ or visit our Self Storage Blog



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