When height comes in handy

Now this is a first for me here at the Middletown Storage Station. I had a tenant come in who rents a five by five unit from us. She hooked her lock with her keys attached to the bracket opened the door with them connected and when the door rolls and reaches the top the keys and lock pop off and get lost behind the uppermost part of the door, she had managed to get the door closed, but now here keys are unattainable. 

I hadn’t come into the office yet and when I did my morning drive thru I noticed her lock off and planned on giving her a call to inquire about why she might be unlocked, well not long after I came in and opened up she came by the office and explained her dilemma, so I grabbed a step ladder and a screw driver thinking that this should be easy , well I was wrong. There is a ledge or sorts behind the door on the inside, lets say about two maybe three inches,

I could get my hand in there but that was about it, no way was I able to get a grip on those keys, so I tried the screwdriver thinking I might be able to pry a little and get access, no go there either. Her daughter tries since she has smaller hands, yup, still impossible. So the tenant gets up on the step ladder and stenches awful far and we here the keys jingle! Success…… well no, her arms are too short to get a hold on the keys but now we know at least the location of them. So back up the step ladder I go , and lets thank my body flow instructor for pushing the limits of flexibility in class, tippy toes and blindly reaching around the upper most part of the door , a most uncomfortable position I might add,

I know have the keys in hand!!!  Ok I got a little stuck but not anything I couldn’t get myself out of, If the step ladder had one more step it would have been a breeze, we have a taller ladder here in Middletown, but we would have had to empty the contents of my tenants storage unit to get the ladder in, all three of us ladies shivered at the idea of having to take on such a task, she doesn’t have a huge storage unit but it was packed to the ceiling none the less, kind of daunting to look at even with a smaller unit such as this. 

All the while my tenant is apologizing and berating herself for getting us into this mess as she put it, to be quite honest I found it somewhat amusing, I had locked my self out not too long ago and had to climb thru my living room window, I have a ground level apartment but I needed the use of a deck chair to boost myself up then there was the task of getting my legs thru, it must have been a most amusing sight for anyone driving by at six in the morning to see me dangling half out of my window!! I don’t believe she will do that again though, so all is well once again. TTYS

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