Handshakes and hot dogs

Storage Station of West Milford, New Jersey has welcomed me warmly into their growing family as of April 2012.  I look forward to introductions  and meeting the West Milford tenants.   Getting acquainted with the entire Storage Station management team and staff members in all six of the Storage Station locations in New York and New Jersey is sure to be a pleasure.  During my first week, I was introduced to a few members of the Storage Station staff and it has been an absolute pleasure.  Everyone has been sincerely friendly, helpful, and professional.  Although, I never expected to be working for a Storage Facility mainly because honestly, I just never even thought of it.  I heard about the opportunity through a friend and ironically it is the same facility where my father had rented for many years.  I have been visiting Storage Station regularly for  over 25 years with my father since I was a small child.   Our last trip there was to retrieve my high school and college diploma  for my job search.  My parents quickly renovated my bedroom when I moved out on my own. My things, trophies, school books, and prom dresses  were all toted off in Rubbermaid storage containers to the storage unit at Storage Station.

Driving to work is now a pleasant experience refreshing many great memories  and I could not be happier that my daily work commute has drastically changed.  I am ecstatic that I am no longer traveling congested highways and dealing with aggressive drivers, tractor trailers, commuter buses, and fumes as I had for 10 years.  Instead, I enjoy a leisurely cruise as so many people do, through Ringwood into West Milford and Greenwood Lake. Far away from the hustle-bustle into fresh air, with views of gorgeous foliage, reservoirs, The Monksville Dam, sailboats and marinas into beautiful lake community . 

Cruising this route has always been part of my family’s weekend ritual since my family moved to Ringwood over 35 years ago. Whether it was the scenic route to the Warwick Drive-In, apple picking or in the summer months we would drive up to the marina where we docked the boats and went tubing and worked on our tans, all of which we still do. The 4th of July Fireworks were and still are always a must see.  When we were not on the water we would hit the pavement in the Nova or the ‘32 Ford Pick-up for a weekend cruise down the strip sharing the road with other enthusiasts and bikers.  Since I was a child, I always wondered about something.  I wondered how the motorcyclist and boater wave thing started.  I know the rule.  If motorcycles, boats, and even tractor trailer drivers all wave to each other why don’t car drivers also wave?  I don’t know if I will ever know.  West Milford is home to many memories to both my family and I. 

It is the home to Hard-working and friendly people, where firm handshakes and smiles still exist.  I love it.  I have fond memories of childhood, a time when I was my father’s shadow and little helper during his weekend errands.  Our trips consisted of bait and tackle runs, picking up or dropping off at our storage unit, checking on the boat or taking a “test ride” in the hot-rod, and pit stops at either the old A&W Restaurant for a root beer float or Paul’s Place for all-the-way hot dogs.  Looking back on that now, I have strong suspicions, that all of those supposed “errands” may have simply been my father’s excuses to get hot dogs and root beer floats.  Ah… Good times.  Times sure have changed a lot since then, when I was easily bribed into manual labor with a hot dog or an ice cream float. 


Local Self Storage Provider in West Milford NJ, Wayne NJ, Toms River NJ and Middletwon NY .

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