Sometimes.. My Clutter Haunts Me!

When I moved out of my parent’s home for the first time at the age of 18, I didn’t have many belongings to call my own to bring with me to my first apartment. Looking back now, it was my easiest moving day to date! Through the years though, I have acquired the necessary, and some unnecessary, belongings to get me through life and have moved numerous times.  The trips in and out to the truck, either borrowed from a friend or rented, have multiplied and the furniture is larger and seems much heavier as my legs aren’t what they used to be and.. well, you get the point.  As I’ve gotten older, the amount of clutter that I just can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of, grows at an astounding rate. 

I am not a hoarder by any means, but each and every item has a special memory of a person, place or time in my life that is irreplaceable. Big or small, these are things that make me, ME! 

For example, I have an old bulky blanket that my Mom made for me when I was a kid.  I am the youngest of seven children and I’ll never forget the day she gave it to me.  The warm feeling it gave me that my presence was not lost in the sea of children in our little Cape home.  The blanket has a black and red chevron design that makes me think of my beloved Mom and how much I miss her every day.  At the time, it was the most beautiful blanket in the world to me and I slept under it every night.  Today, as an adult, the blanket occasionally comes out of the closet on those chilly winter nights to keep me warm, but it’s usually stuffed on a shelf amongst other things.

Let me tell you about a dream I had.  I was sitting at my kitchen table reading the newspaper, eating some toast, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  My dog, Jack, was at attention at my feet waiting for his share of my breakfast so I knew it wasn’t him.  I waited a second and decided to just make sure there was nothing and no one there and went to investigate. I turned the corner of the doorway in to the living room and noticed the furniture was a bit out of place.  The dog must have been bumping in to things, I thought.  I returned the coffee table and the two other out of place chairs to their respectable spots, making sure the legs were neatly tucked in their divots in the carpet.  I went back to kitchen and gosh darn, if I hadn’t left the toast too close to the edge of the table .. the dog got to it!  I sat down to continue reading.  Somehow, I had more toast, but remember this is a dream.  I was about to bite in to the toast when I heard a loud thump and then a dragging sound coming from the living room. I couldn’t imagine what was making this noise, so I jumped up to get to the living room quickly and as I turned the corner, I saw a lamp fall off the corner table next to the sofa. But it didn’t just fall.  It fell and landed standing upright. That would have been a good thing since it didn’t break, but what made it come off the table in the first place?  Jack? No, he’s still in the kitchen. After all, that’s where the food is. I turned to look at him and again, in the corner of my eye I saw something moving.  I knew once I looked at whatever it was it wouldn’t be moving anymore, so I turned.  But it didn’t stop! The lamp was dragging itself across the carpet towards me with a purposeful stride. It pulled the plug from its socket without a pause. The mirror hanging over the sofa fell and bounced to the carpet and was using it’s corners as if they were feet. Before I knew it, the lamp and the mirror were being followed by the other 3 lamps in the room, the sofa, the loveseat, the 3 corner tables, the television, pictures, even all the knick knacks .. ALL the furniture was marching towards me across the living room carpet as if sliding on a freshly waxed linoleum floor.  I was stunned.  Then I grabbed Jack and I was running!

I ran towards the hall to get to the bedroom where there was a door.  A nice big door that would close and I could get behind it and be safe.  I was running down the hall .. still running .. where’s the darn door!?! My furniture was chasing me and I needed to find a hiding place. I turned a corner at the end of the hallway and peeked around it, the lamp had a fierce pace about it and the shade seemed to look up at me as if staring me down. I panicked and started running again. I finally got to the bedroom, opened the door, slammed it shut behind me and Jack and I were safe on the bed. Suddenly the door flew open.  The mirror peeked around the corner as if seeing if the coast was clear.  I saw the reflection in the mirror of Jack and I sitting on the bed as the mirror and all the furniture came in to the bedroom and surrounded us. Scream .. scream .. all I wanted to do was scream!  They were getting closer and there was no escape!  I grabbed Jack and I ran to the closet.  I jumped inside, pushing all the clutter out of my way and slammed the door.  The blanket .. the old blanket fell on my head and started to unfold over me. It startled me at first but then a warm, safe feeling came over me.

I was awake!

I was on my sofa, the television was on, Jack by my side and I was covered with that old blanket my Mom made for me. I looked around the room and everything was in its place.  Tables, chairs, lamps, mirrors, pictures.. all where they should be. Except, maybe not exactly where they should be.

I knew I had a lot of clutter in my apartment, but I didn’t realize until that dream, just how much stuff I’d accumulated over the years.  I knew I had to do something I just didn’t know what. A friend recommended I put some things I wasn’t ready to part with into storage. I’d never used self storage before so I investigated. I looked on-line at and saw by the map displayed on the homepage that one of the 6 Storage Station locations was conveniently in my area of Wayne, NJ. Also on the homepage at,  was the phone number of that location, so I called and a representative told me about the different sizes of self storage units and invited me to visit the location so I could make the best choice of unit that would suit my storage needs.

When I arrived at Storage Station I was met by the site manager, who was so helpful in answering my questions and escorted me around the facility.  The first thing that struck me was how clean the units were.  He pointed out to me that the facility had automated gate access. Meaning, I would be able to enter and exit the facility with a personalized pin code, designated just for me.  The Wayne facility has 24-hour access every day, making moving in easy because I wasn’t restricted to any particular time of day.  Also a plus at the Wayne location, there is a completely paved parking lot that goes around the building itself, making the buildings 10 entrances, very convenient.  .  The Wayne, NJ, Storage Station sells locks, boxes, packing supplies and tenant insurance, making it a one-stop-shopping deal that I couldn’t resist.  My clutter is going in to self storage.  The blanket my Mom made for me is staying on its shelf in the closet.. for now! 

Moving is never easy, but the folks at Storage Station really know how to make it easier.


Local Self Storage Provider in West Milford NJ, Wayne NJ, Toms River NJ and Middletwon NY .

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