As Summer Turns To Fall

As the dog days of summer draw to a close, and the weather goes from 95 and humid to 75 and dry, we here at Storage Station of West Milford are gearing up for a busy time of year in our business.  While the annual parade of boats and classic cars leaving our facility has ended, we are preparing for the mass influx of new tenants looking for ways to store their toys, whether it be their RVs or boats or antique cars, and keeping them stored away for the upcoming fall and winter months.  We here at Storage Station, located at 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike in West Milford New Jersey, located a block south of the intersection of Lincoln Ave and Greenwood Lake Turnpike, ok forward to the annual return of some of our most tenured customers.
As many of you who are reading this can attest to, having all of the finer things in life has its ups and downs.  While having all of these toys is great, there are certain things that we as the owners of such items sometimes fail to take into account when making these long saved for purchases.  That 32 foot travel trailer that we took out a 15 year loan to pay off is great in the warmer months, can turn into quite the cumbersome lawn ornament come the fall and winter months.  That 16 foot bass boat was great for catching the local ponds abundance of fish, but in December can turn into a great base for the inflatable Santa that our kids look forward to putting up each year.

Besides the obvious expenses like gas, insurance, maintenance, and various other joyous debits from our bank accounts, many of us don’t take into account what it is we are going to do with such items while they are not in use.  For those of you who are looking into purchase one of these fair weather fun machines, one major thing to consider is the storage of these items when not in use.  Boats and campers look pretty strange when covered under 2 feet of snow, and if last winter is any indicator of the type of winter we are in store for this upcoming holiday season, 2 feet of snow would be a welcome sight compared to the 8 plus feet we got here in Northern New Jersey.  It’s all too often as I make my daily commute from Ringwood during the winter months, that I see collapsed pop-up campers and fishing boats with their covers caved in due to the previous days ice storm. 

For those of you who have made the decision, or have already had one of these items for a while now, can attest to, the damage and inconvenience that having one of these beauties sitting in your driveway in February can way outweigh the benefits of having them in the summer.  A beautiful July afternoon on Greenwood Lake will seem like a distant memory in January as you ram into your boat with the new Fisher plow you had put on your truck because the kids are off at school and there’s no one to help you shovel your driveway.  There’s got to be a better way to handle the storage of your recreational vehicle than sitting out in your drive way with snow piling up on top of it.

We hear at Storage Station are here to help.  After a quick call to 973 846 4637, you’ll see that keeping your boat or RV here with us is the best way to go.  No one wants to have to shovel around that 24 foot toy while cussing under their breath because the plow couldn’t get around it to make a parking space for mom’s SUV.  The convenience alone of not having to juggle cars in the drive way or shoveling as opposed to plowing or snow blowing should make the decision to store your seasonal machines here with us.  The stories we hear each spring, about plow trucks hitting RVs and the kids sliding in the driveway and crashing into dad’s bass tracker, are enough to make anyone cringe.  Each year we hear these stories and they’re usually followed by the phrase, “I should have stored by ________ (fill in the blank) with your guys. 

Many of you out there reading this may be surprised to learn that we here at Storage Station of West Milford, can handle most recreation vehicles, RVs / Boats /  and the like, with ease.  Some of you think of storage facilities and envision storage unit auction shows and garage like units where grandma’s Christmas decorations go to die a slow painful death.  Well you couldn’t be further from the truth.  A large portion of our winter time tenants utilize our facility for the storage of the classic muscle cars, RVs, boats, campers, and various other items that most people do not associate with self storage.  We are equipped to handle most items, depending upon size, and have flexibility in our leasing options as far as terms of stay and affordability are concerned.  We have parking spaces and storage units that can accommodate a wide variety items from the smallest of row boats to some of the largest travel trailers one can imagine.  It’s not uncommon to see 32 foot travel trailers being stored on our property as well as bass fishing boats and jet skis stored in some of our interior non climate controlled units.

And as far as cost is concerned, there’s no comparison.  For those of you with boats, I’m sure you are aware that local marinas charge different rates based on time of year, and vary from one month to the next.  Storage of your boat with not only allows you to know what your expenses will be, but will also allow the ease of access that it is so important to all of you.  We are located directly across from Greenwood Lake and are very near to many local boat launches.  Many of our tenants keep their parking spaces with us year round to both save money, and provide that quick and easy access to your boat when you’re able to sneak out of work early on a Friday and catch a little extra time out there on the water.

While ease of access, storage convenience, and cost are all great reasons to give us here at Storage Station a call, stop down to 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike or call 973 846 4637, and let us show you how we can help you store all of those summer fun time item and ensure that you’ll be having fun with them for many summers to come.

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