Well here it is another week is gone and another is here to start again. As I am getting ready for work I am thinking this has been a fast moving year. WOW it is October already and the fall weather is here.

Storage Station

Well as I am driving through the golden gate of the Storage Station Store in South Toms River in NJ I can see on some of the trees that the leaves are starting to turn there fall colors. Everything is looking good as I make my morning rounds of the grounds. As always all the car trailers and motor homes that are stored here are in tack and looking good. As I drive around and checking the units to make sure they all have locks on I do get a chance to talk to some of the tenants that are at there unit they rented; we all do agree on how fast the year of 2014 is going. They also are like me, we like the fall colors of the leaves but we also know what is coming after the trees drop all their leaves. Well as everything here at the Storage Station Stores here in South Toms River, NJ 08757 phone #  732-573-6353 is in fine shape, I am going to the other Storage Station Store in Toms River in NJ that is only two miles away.

Now here I am going through the golden gates of the Storage Station Store in Toms River NJ 08753 Phone # 732-573-6354. As I make my rounds here we are looking good. Everything is in tack. Here at the Storage Station Store in Toms River NJ we have a different look as compared to the storage station store in South Toms River. The one at South Toms River are all outside units. The storage station store in Toms River NJ has some outside units but mostly are inside unit of varying sizes.

Well am inside the office now and ready for a day of work. I can see that some people have called and left a message so I must listen and then call them back so I can handle what ever there needs are. I myself am excited because today I know I have three moves in to do. I am always feeling good on this because I like helping the new tenants  with picking out the size of unit that they need. I also help them so they can get the right price whether it a unit or outside parking space at either Storage Station Store at either 29 Flint Rd in South Toms River NJ 08757 phone #732-573-6353 or The Storage Station Store on 25 James Street in Toms River, NJ 08753 phone #732-573-6354 .

Well it is that time of year the we do not like to talk about but is  here and that is the fall weather. This is the time of year that we have to keep up with the falling of the leaves as they drop off the trees. WOW you do not really realize how many leaves are on a tree to you start cleaning them up after they have fallen off the trees. It is also that time of the year where we have to get everything ready for the winter months. Like making sure we have enough salt on hand for both of the Storage Station Store in South Toms River, NJ and Toms River NJ and also make sure that the snow shovels are in good shape and ready to go. Also we have to make sure the snow blower is up and running and ready to use. I do not like to talk about this but Old mother nature is going to do what she wants to do. I under stand that we are to have a colder winter this year than we had in the year of 2013. Also we are to get a lot more snow than we got last year. But I am ready for the battle. As I always say you take it one day at a time. As I say We the people of New Jersey in the year of 2012 had to deal with that perfect storm call Sandy and then the Nor’easter Storm that came in on us and we handled it one day at a time. We did get through it and so we will be able to handle this winter on a day by day basis.

Well as I am taking payments of the tenants that are renting with us we get to talk with them and find that they are bringing back their summer things they used during the summer and putting them back in the unit. At the same time they are taking out the things that they use for Halloween. Boy I think people have as many lights and so forth for Halloween as they do for Christmas. I also see that the new tenants that are renting a unit are bringing in their summer things also.

Well listen I have posted  in this blog some numbers for each of our Storage Station Stores here on 29 Flint Road in South toms River, NJ and on 25 James Street in Toms River NJ to make  it easier for you to give us a call.We can help you with all that extra stuff that you got during the spring and summer months …s ostore away. Also we have the right unit for you to store that older car instead of storing it in the drive way with a cover and taking up space. Also we have outside parking for that trailers or motor home that you used to store in your drive way and taking up valuable space. Again I or any one here are ready and willing to help you so give us a call.

Well it is that time of day where here at the Storage Station Stores that we must get ready to close. We have had a very busy day of renting to the new tenants that got a unit for their personal belonging or outside parking space for their special car that they need to store for the winter months or also to store their motor home or trailer for the winter months.

Again I like to let you know that you can see us on the internet by looking up our web site and then click on the Storage Station Store that you are interested in whether it’s to rent a unit or getting an outside parking space. Again You will find the phone number for either place and this will also give you also the direction to either Storage Station Store.

Well it is that time I must say good-by and may all of you have a safe and good fall season.

Local Self Storage Provider in West Milford NJ, Wayne NJ, Toms River NJ and Middletwon NY .

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