At Storage Station of Wayne, we realize how potentially stressful moving from your home can be.  If you’re moving out of state, it can be especially mind numbing.  I won’t even get in to what a nightmare moving to a bustling city such as Manhattan can be to comprehend.

It would be less of a nightmare and headache if plans were laid out well in advance to foresee the potential pitfalls in such a move.

Hello, my name is Joel Graves and I am the manager of Storage Station of Wayne, NJ.  The facility address is 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, 07470.  Our telephone number is 862-377-6593.  You can also visit our web site

If you are moving your possessions yourself or having  movers complete that task, there will be some issues if you or the movers can’t readily access the items.  If you have a larger than usual yard, if there’s parking restrictions on the street you live on or any other kind of reason it will not be easy to access your home, you should have a plan and make necessary arrangements.  For example, make sure you have a smaller truck, get permission from neighbors to use their driveway or ask your neighbors if they can have their cars parked a little further down the street that particular day.

While putting your items in boxes, think about the weight distribution to make sure it’s a balanced box.

It’s a no brainer to pack items from a particular room and keep them in the same box.  The kitchen utensils, the bathroom items, bedroom linens, etc., should all be packed away in separate boxes.  Be sure to label each box with itemized lists of what is in each box.  It really does make the unpacking process so much easier.

If there are children or pets in the home, asking your family or trusted neighbors to watch them for you while you’re moving is one way to keep them from being under foot while you or your movers are moving boxes up and down stairways or through narrow halls.  It’s one or more less stressful things for you to worry about and safer for them in the long run.

Keep any special documentation, cash, cell phones, etc., with you at all times.  You don’t want to have any of these important things accidentally thrown in and taped up in a box and packed away.

Large and small dressers alike can be moved with clothing or bedding left in the drawers, but fragile items or very heavy items should be removed.  The drawers can be taken out to make moving easier and will require more trips to the truck.  If the drawers are left in, make sure they’re secured with an easy to remove plastic wrap or taope with a non-damaging adhesiveto ensure they do not fall out while being moved.

If your bedroom furniture is made with a lighter type of wood, plywood for example, it is safer to remove the drawers before moving the dresser so the additional pressure doesn’t break.

If there are drawers attached to your bed, either in its frame or headboard, they should be emptied before moving the bed.  The bed will most likely be stored on its side, making it a probability that any contents will fall out or possibly get damaged.

If there is a desk or a filing cabinet, be sure all pens, papers, books, etc., are removed and the drawers are also secured by plastic wrap or plenty of tape.  If your filing cabinet does not lock, it would be a good idea to remove the drawers entirely with their contents securely and neatly inside before moving the cabinet.

Any wood furniture you plan to move should also be covered with an old blanket, sheets, maybe even bubble wrap to ensure it’s not scratched and nicked during transport.

Whatever decision is made in regards to emptying your drawers or leaving them as is for a move, there are some considerations to take in to account.  One is the fact that unloading a drawer takes up valuable time that could be used elsewhere.  If you are using a moving company to do your move, they get paid by the hour.  The second is the fact that unpacking drawers will leave you with more boxes to purchase and use more valuable space on the truck.  It even just looks neater!  All in all it saves you valuable time when unpacking and you will already have enough to do.

After you’ve packed and lugged all your belongings in to a truck or two, or your movers have, it is a perfect time to reward everyone to a nice meal.  Sure, you’ve had snacks and drinks for them all day, but a good deli hero goes a long way for the trip and the impending unload.

You should expect to have to do some cleaning when you reach your new home.  No matter how little time the home has been vacant, you should wipe and dust floors and countertops.  Also, even if it looks good and clean, you still want to hit the restroom with a good scrubbing.

It’s a good idea to coordinate the changeover with the ultilities well in advance.  It should eliminate any future headaches with your  bills.  Make sure your power works, your boiler, hot water heater, etc.  If there’s any problem, you should contact  service carrier immediately.

You don’t want to have to unpack everything right away, so having a special overnight bag at hand would be convenient.  It could contain sleeping garments, a toothbrush, toiletries, a change of clothes for the next day.  Whatever you think you could use immediately without having to search through boxes.  If you’re anything like me, it’s inevitable that something you need will be in a box in the back corner of a box filled room.

If you’re moving to the New Jersey or New York area, please visit the Storage Station website or visit one of our conveniently located facilities and see for yourself why our customers love Storage Station.

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