My Cold

I went to a holiday party this past Saturday.  It was for a charity, a toy party for children with AIDS.  It was a rainy Saturday night but the turnout was terrific.  There were so many unwrapped gifts under the brightly lit tree in the front of the church hall.  It really felt good to participate in such a worthwhile event.  I have to admit, I even bragged about going a little bit.  If someone or anyone asked, “What are you doing this weekend?”  My reply wouldn’t just be, “Oh I have plans!”  I would be sure to mention the good cause I was going to support.  I have a pretty pleasant and simple life, I want to announce to the world when something important happens during it.

I mentioned that at the party to someone I had just met and she started to laugh because she admitted to me that she did the same thing.  It’s normal, I think, to promote yourself when you do good.  Especially during the holidays.  I was told growing up that if you are truly sincere in doing good acts and being kind, you should do it and not tell anyone.  Maybe in days gone by there was enough room for that, but in this day and age of twenty four hour a day news and media,  I believe people need to hear about other people doing good deeds.

I wanted to have a blog full of positive and upbeat topics or rants this week about the upcoming holidays, the above two paragraphs I wrote yesterday.  In less than a twenty four hour period, my life has taken a drastic turn.  The worst thing imaginable.  The cold I had been keeping at bay since Monday, has taken hold in my chest and head!

You know the old saying, no good deed goes unpunished.  They’re clichés because they’re true.

So speaking of unpunished, I am fairly certain it was at the above mentioned gathering of festive folks that I picked up the bug that’s been plaguing me the past few days.  All of those people I had to hug, kiss and shake hands with.  I really should have known better.  It started as a little tickle in the back of my throat on Monday and has now become the sloppy mess that I am today.  I won’t get in to the gory details, but I can tell by the looks on my customers faces today, that I am not one to hide my ailments, or my used tissues, well.  I am going to leave a note for my coworker, who I share this keyboard I’m typing on, to spray the office heavily with Lysol, maybe two or three times.

It’s funny in a way because just the other week I was mentioning to my significant other that it’s been a while since I was sick.  I really have to learn to keep my big mouth shut.  In my mind, if that conversation never happened, I wouldn’t be sick right now.  It’s like I wished it upon myself.

I may just be suffering from a slight left over medicine buzz as well.   I was given something to help me sleep last night and I almost feel hung over.  Cough medicine is wonderful when you take it, but the aftermath is awful.  For me, it’s a drowsy feeling that nothing can help except the wonderful comfort of bed.  Which I will be heading to the moment I get home.

Until I do get home, I will pleasantly answer the telephone and help customers who come in to my office here at Storage Station Wayne.  There’s no hiding my Rudolph Red Nose or the hacking cough, even behind a pleasant smile.  It’s a topic of conversation for sure.  I mean, who can’t relate to having a cold!?  I don’t know anyone who’s never had to endure the constant nasal drip, sneezing, coughing, runny eyes and the ever so speedily emptying box of facial tissues.   Which are now over flowing from the waste basket under my work desk.

As tenants come in to my office, I am getting some wonderful advice telling me what to take to help ease my suffering.  Helpful hints from drinking plenty of juice or water to over the counter medications.  I don’t know about you, but day or night time remedies make me so drowsy.  If I’m going to take any medicine I am sure not to do it before I have to drive my car.

I am the spoiled product of my environment.  I am the youngest son in a family of seven.  My Mother did her job too well when it came time to care for her sick children.  I expect hot tea with honey and some buttered toast waiting for me when I get home.   It should be there for me to eat as I cozy up under the warm covers for some slumber.   Again, I am the cliché of a sick man who wants to be taken care of and spoiled like he was by his Mommy.  Either I am man enough to admit it or there’s still enough night time cough medicine in my system for me not to care!

My reality is, when I get home I will have to feed my little girl Molly, the English Bull Dog.  Pour her some fresh water and lovingly watch her gobble her food.  She will then walk over to the door, not just to go outside in the thirty degree weather, but to go across the street to the field where I toss the ball for her to fetch about fifty times before she even remotely gets tired.

The ball playing will be repeated even after I get in bed.

I don’t know if this blog will make any sense to anyone who isn’t sick or has been sick recently.  I do know that when I have a head and chest cold, it is the one and only thing I can think of.  There’s no ignoring it.  My sneezes seem to sneak up on me with ferocious intensity, so far only when I’ve been alone.  I haven’t sneezed on a customer yet.

And now – to the shameless self promotion 🙂

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