How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year where making it apparent that you love your loved ones is the main focus. Although you should always remind your love ones about your undying love for them, it is nice to have a holiday dedicated to it.  Valentine’s Day is very meaningful to many couples all around the world.

Valentine’s Day dates back very far in history according to They state that the holiday goes all the way back to 270 A.D. Valentine’s Day originates from a Roman and Christian tradition. This holiday that represents love, allegedly originated from a Roman festival called “Lupercalis”. Lupercalis was known as a fertility celebration that took place on January 15th.  Pope Gelasius in who was a Christian turned the holiday Lupercalis into a holiday that celebrated a Christian feast. This holiday was changed to the 14th of January. The feast was in celebration of Saint Valentine who was a Roman Martyn. Saint Valentine was a bishop who held ceremonies marrying soldiers who were legally not allowed to get married. Ruler at the time Claudius the third, prohibited marriage for young soldiers. When the soldiers decided that they wanted to get married they would contact St. Valentine and set up a secret meeting. Valentine would then hold secret marital ceremonies for the young couples. After a period of time, Claudius the third started to catch on to Valentine. Claudius the third then had Saint Valentine arrested. When Valentine was awaiting his sentencing, he was approached by his friend Asterius was believed that Saint Valentine had hidden powers that helped heal individuals. Asterius was hoping that Valentine could heal his daughter’s blindness. Valentine apparently was indeed able to help heal the man’s daughter’s blindness. Claudius eventually sentenced to have Valentine executed.  Saint Valentine and Asterius’s daughter became really good friends and fell in love. Before Valentines death, he wrote her a letter signed “from you Valentine”. That quote from Valentine is still famous to this day. Valentine was executed on February 14th.

In the United States alone, 25 percent of all cards sent within the year are Valentine’s Day cards. 50% of all Valentine’s Day cards are bought 6 days prior to Valentine’s Day. Apparently there are more procrastinators in this world that we knew of. Close to 132 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent industry- wide. Valentine’s day greeting Cards became popular in 1840 in the United States. Many people say that Valentine ’s Day is just a “Hallmark holiday”, but if you were Hallmark I bet you would seize the opportunity to make millions of dollars as well. Hallmark is a fairly smart company in my opinion. Hallmark’s total annual revenue for cards alone is around 4.1 billion dollars. Hallmark has cards printed in 30 languages, and in 100 countries so there is no limit to who can buy the cards. Specifically for Valentine’s Day, Hallmark specifically makes 1,400 different varieties of cards for this big day. Hallmark sends around 144 million cards just for Valentine’s Day which is NUTS! Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for card sending for Hallmark, right behind Christmas.  Hallmark cards come in many variations including the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection, the Hallmark Signature Collection, Love Collection, Furry Friends, Truly Thankful, For Him and Her, and the Studio Ink Collection. There is a card for every type of personality. If you don’t like any of the choices, you can personalize a card or send an e-card off of their website. If Cards are not for you, Hallmark has a wide range of merchandise. Some of the merchandise includes Hug Lovin’ Hippo and Stuck on You Porcupine. In my opinion, Hallmark is a genius.  When sending you cards out and would like a heart shaped stamp put on your envelope, send your card through Loveland, Colorado. Every year 300,000 letters are sent to Loveland.

The most important thing about Valentines’ day is to make sure you give special attention to your loved ones. Guys a little hint for you, is that you can never do wrong with getting your girlfriend flowers. The average number of roses grown for the holidays is around 196 million. There is nothing like getting a bouquet of roses, it certainly puts a smile on my face.  On average, around 73% of men buy flowers for their significant other on Valentine’s Day. Women, don’t be ashamed if you buy yourself flowers for Valentines’ day. Around 14% off all women buy themselves flowers. Every girl needs a little T.L.C. surprisingly, only 61.8% of the population actually even celebrates the holiday. In my opinion, a lot of people think that the holiday is stupid and blown out of proportion thanks to the corporate world. Guys, you better make sure that you treat your girlfriends with a nice gift, if they’re all about celebrating the holiday. 53% of women say that they would end their relationship if they did not get anything on Valentine’s Day. Talk about  “world” problems. People on average spend around $116.21 on Valentine’s Day. It is defiantly a romantic holiday. Around 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s Day.  Ironically, on Valentine’s Day in 2000,  Pfizer, the producer of Viagra started an impotence awareness day in Britain.

Valentine’s Day is a day that has been around for centuries. Whether you go to Hallmark or make your own cards, be sure to pick one up for your loved ones. Remember to spend time with the ones that mean the most too you. And don’t forget that a kiss of Valentine’s Day is considered to bring you good luck all year round. If you’re thinking about indulging in those cute heart shaped candies with the messages on them, feel free to bulk up on them because they have a shelf life up to 5 years, who knew? While we’re on the subject, how about a little “love” for your local self storage facility. Come and visit us at the Storage Station at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike located in Wayne New Jersey where we can take care off all your storage needs.

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